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Classic Car Restoration

There is nothing quite like buying a classic car and seeing it brought back to its former glory. We have worked on a huge number of cars down through the years, each one with its own restoration process. At Clandillon Motors, we look after everything from a complete overhaul on your vintage car, to a general cleaning and tidy up.

We assess your car to get an idea of the work that needs to be carried out. Once we have done this, we then give you an outline of cost. Any additional issues that arise are communicated so that you are never left with any surprise additional costing. As every car is different and will require a different level of attention, we do need to see your car before we begin any work.

Clandillon Motors

Our Classic Car Restoration Service includes:

Crash Repairs
Rust Repairs
Fibreglass work
Paint Damage – fading, scratching etc.
Parts Replacement
Fabric / Upholstery

We hire only the best and top trained mechanics in our garage. Our state of the art equipment means that they can work quickly and more importantly, safely.

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